Virtual On-Site Recruiting Firm

What does that mean?

–Online Application for Quick Procurement of Candidates- Real Time Hiring

–Online Onboarding including W4, I9, & Policies & Procedures, Safety, PPE’s

–Site Tours & Orientation with New Hires Before Placement

–Background’s & Drug Screens that Adhere to Clients Requirements

–Direct Hire Database

–Extension of the Management Team

You Need Employee’s

Why Choose Us?

Down to Earth, Real People with Empathy Towards Life’s Bumps

–Our Employees are our Biggest Advocate and We Treat Them That Way

–Melting Pot of Culture & Diversity with a Common Goal: Helping Others

–Hands on Family Owned and Operated

–Divergent Thinkers

–Integrity Driven & Transparent

–Completely Paperless Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

–Tailored Account Management

If you are need of exceptional employees please reach out to Sam Kilfoile at Command Personnel