Why Command Personnel?

A. “We are real people helping real people.” We are all mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers with day care schedules, mortgages, and flat tires. We are compassionate and familiar with the day to day bumps in the road and treat our employees accordingly. We hold relationships, individuality, loyalty, respect, and honesty in the highest regards.


How do I find out what jobs are available?

A. Our openings will be on our website listed under Looking For Work. You can also call the office and speak with a Recruiter about the jobs we have available that will best suit your skills.


How long does it take to get a job?

A. Press that ‘Apply Now’ button right now! Once you’ve completed the application an email will be sent to you with a follow up link to complete your eDocuments. We’ll then call you to discuss what position we have that you may be interested in. From there you will be scheduled a tour for one of our sites and you’ll start the very next day! Keep in mind, job openings vary per client and are dependent upon availability. Keep an eye on our facebook page or this website for active openings!


What documents do I need to bring when I come into the office?

A. Please use this link to choose which documents you would like to provide to prove your identity and authorization to work.


How do I fill out an application?

A. Click on the link located on our page to begin the online application process. Our revised application is accessible online and it’s also mobile friendly.


Where are you located?

A. We’ve gone virtual! You don’t have to leave your home to apply! Simply click the ‘Apply Now’ button at the top of the page to get started. Be sure to check your email for a follow up link so that you can complete your eDocuments. One of our Recruiters will contact you shortly to arrange a meeting at one of our sites and that’s all there is to it! Quick, efficient and easy!


What are your virtual office hours?

A. You can reach our Recruiters Monday – Friday from 9am to 4pm.


What is your telephone & fax number?

A. Telephone- 502.964.6215 l Fax- 502.968.7298


When and how will I be paid?

A. Here at Command Personnel we offer Direct Deposit only and we’re paid weekly, every Friday! The first direct deposit payment method you can choose to utilize would be your personal checking or savings account. If you do not have a checking or savings account we can offer you a paycard issued by Money Network.


Do I get paid holidays?

A. This will be dependent on the client in which you are assigned.


What do I do if I lost my Paycard?

A. If you lose your Money Network card you will need to speak with your on-site manager to request a new one. Please keep in mind that a lost or stolen card could delay receiving your pay so always keep it in a safe and secure place. Should you lose it, the account will need to be closed and a new account created with a fresh paycard; any residual funds from the lost or stolen card can be moved to the new account but can take up to 12-48hrs.


How do I check my paycheck stub?

A. Visit your Vensure Employee Portal. Your login and password will be identical at first. You will use the last 4 of your social, dash, the full year of your birth for both entries. Example: 1234-1990. You will be able to change the password if you like once you’re inside the portal.


When will I get my W2?

A. Command Personnel will be sending out W2 no later than January 31st. If the address you provided in no longer correct please contact Command Personnel and update your information- 502.964.6215.


Is a drug screen and background check required?

A. Drug screens and background checks will be ran by Command Personnel. Each client has their own specific requirements. All backgrounds will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Felonies older than 7-10yrs are subject for review depending on client.


Is a high school diploma required?

A. Yes a high school diploma is required.


What are the age requirements to work for Command Personnel?

A. You must be at least 18 years of age to work for Command Personnel.


If I am placed on an assignment and I don’t like it what should I do?

A. If you are placed on an assignment and you do not like it please contact a recruiter at Command Personnel at 502-964-6215. We want our employees to enjoy where they are working please contact us today so we can try and place you on a different assignment better suited for you.


How do I call in if I am going to be late or absent?

A. If you are going to be late or absent please contact Command Personnel at 502-964-6215. You may also be required to call into the Client in which you are assigned. This information will be provided to you prior to placement.


How do I update my information?

A. W4 (taxes) update forms are available at your placement location, simply ask your on-site manager for assistance. General information updates such as phone number or address changes can be emailed directly to the HR Coordinator at Alli@commandpersonnel.com or by contacting us directly at 502-964-6215.


How often do I have to update my information?

A. Information needs to be updated yearly so we can obtain new W4’sand I9’s on our employees. If you have a telephone number change or a change of address please contact us immediately so we can have the updated information.
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